Veritas translation and interpreting servicesVeritas Language Solutions, it has been possible once again to seek out the brightest young linguistic minds this year!

More language combinations, more countries and more participants were involved this year than ever!

Sharon Stephens Veritas MD said ‘We even received a request from a student to translate from Chinese into Spanish! Trust me, that is not a common combination to find in the UK and we were so truly impressed with all the participants’ knowledge and effort that it was really hard to select the winners, but that’s part of any competition!”

The selected elite of 13 young translators will receive recognition for their amazing work; being chosen as best translator in their language pair as well as receiving a Certificate of Translation Excellence and a mentoring session from the company’s MD, Sharon Stephens, who will offer advice on working as a translator.

What’s more, the overall winner of the competition will be offered the amazing opportunity of a one month internship at Veritas, where he/she will be able to gain vital experience of the industry and make lasting, professional contacts.

Sharon added: ‘We would like to congratulate all the participants and applaud all of them for choosing such an important path in life, I hope to hear more soon, from all of you. Languages made my life unique and I am sure it is the same for all of you. I am very happy to have the chance to give a head start to these bright minds and introduce them to the real industry, as well as adding to their CVs!”

All the entrants have been judged with the same strict criteria; focusing on accuracy of grammar and spelling, evidence of cultural knowledge, use of appropriate language, use of register and tone and clear comprehension of the provided text.
The competition demanded a high level of ability and difficult decisions had to be made here at Veritas, however;

Here then are the final chosen winners:

Best FR-EN – Philippa Watts from Leeds University.

Best EN- ZH – Liu Changjing from Bangor University.

Best FR – IT – Giuseppina Michea from Pisa University IT.

Best DE – EN – Christina Les from Bangor University.

Best EN – FR – Odile Berthon from University of Surrey.

Best EN – ES – Paula Castillo from Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria ESP.

Best ZH – EN – Matt Jellicoe from Bangor University.

Best IT – EN – Daniel Picola from Bristol University.

Best ES – EN – (even) Alyssa Hickson from Cambridge University and Eleanor Staniforth from Swansea University.

Best PR – EN – David Bailey from Cambridge University.

Best ZH – ES – Lara Quero Perez from Granada University ESP.

Finally, the overall winner for this competition – the only translator who managed to score 70/70 and whose translation was so fluent and enjoyable to read, showing great talent.

So congratulations to you, Best EN – IT Translator & Overall Winner – Tommaso Bassan, from Padua University (Universita di Padova).

 Veritas translation and interpreting servicesTommaso is 28 years old and an enthusiastic Italian student of English and Spanish languages and literature. He is interested in post-apartheid South African literature, on which he is writing his dissertation at the moment and he also volunteers in a Scout Association. He thinks that being a translator is a very interesting job, because it gives him the chance to discover new shades of the world, whilst doing what he loves the most: using foreign languages!

We would also like to reassure all the winners that they will be contacted by Veritas to organise their amazing mentoring and internship experience as soon as possible. To provide them with an important first step in their careers as translators.

Are you interested in the competition but didn’t take part this year? Don’t worry! We’ll be back with a brand new competition next year, so stay tuned!

To see more pictures of the winners please click here.