Veritas translation and interpreting servicesarticle, many people noticed the misinterpretation immediately and took to Twitter, with many joking that the chosen linguist clearly wasn’t a Catholic.

This seems to show that whoever sourced the interpreter didn’t know or care that translators or interpreters need to know the subject they’re dealing with in order to be effective. This is not only because they may not know the relevant terminology, but they may not be able to express the correct message at all – which was unfortunately the case on this important occasion.

Here at Veritas we provide high quality services, tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether you need general or technical interpreting or translation services, we will provide you with a professional linguist with a minimum of five years’ professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the specific field.

Putting all of this aside, let’s celebrate the election of the new Pope Francis I (a name chosen in memory of St. Francis of Assisi) and wish him the best for his papacy.