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Veritas can provide you with professional linguists with experience in dubbing and/or lectoring. Scale is not a factor, and regardless of how small or large your dubbing or lectoring project may be, you can be assured that Veritas will provide expert linguists to meet, and exceed, all of your dubbing and lectoring requirements.

Veritas – defining dubbing

In multilingual populations there may be a significant number of viewers whose first language, and the only one they are fluent in, is different from the language of the programme. To fully understand and enjoy the programme content, they will need to be provided with some form of translation. Dubbing is the process used in post-production, in which the voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack are recorded and replaced. Dubbing enables the screening of audio-visual material to a mass audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same native language as the original performers. In order to translate speech into the spoken language of the foreign market, anime, cartoons, films, marketing and promotional videos, and television series’ are often dubbed as they are produced for mass audiences worldwide and distributed globally.

Dubbing – key facts:

  • Dubbing is often used to localise/localize a foreign movie. The new voice track will usually be spoken by a voice artist. In many countries, most actors who regularly perform this duty are generally little-known outside of popular circles such as anime fandom, for example, or when their voice has become synonymous with the role of the actor or actress whose voice they usually dub.
  • In America, it is common for actors to employ monikers or pseudonyms. They often also drop their credit because of Screen Actors Guild regulations, or even in order to remove their association from the specific role. To deal with this, well known local actors are often recruited to carry out any dubbing, especially in animated films and comedies, with the aim being that their names attract filmgoers. It is not uncommon for a whole Hollywood cast to be dubbed by a local cast, who may well be popular names in more local circles.
  • Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish are languages which all have large communities, therefore just one translation is likely to sound odd to some people. This is the reason why it is common for a movie to be translated into a given language more than once.

Veritas – defining lectoring

Lectoring, meanwhile, is the process in which a spoken narration is created in the target language and played over the existing audio, which is reduced in volume but can still be heard in the background. It is a form of voice-over often used for fiction material, where a narrator tells the audience what the actors are saying while their voices can be heard in the background. Lectoring is common for television in Russia, Poland, and several other Eastern European countries, while cinemas in Western Europe commonly show films dubbed or subtitled instead.

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We can help you to outreach to millions of new clients and customers worldwide by providing experienced multilingual voice artists with carefully timed and audience-centric translated scripts. Veritas will source the very best linguist(s) from our pool of talented translators, handpicking the most gifted and experienced individual(s) to match your dubbing or lectoring project, and the sector in which you or your company operate. For more information on our dubbing and/or lectoring services, and how we can help you, simply call +44 (0)800 8600 674 or email us at info@helloveritas.com

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