15 04, 2014

Easter Opening Hours

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Wishing you a very Happy Easter from all of us at Veritas!
Veritas Easter Opening hours are as follows:

Please be advised that our offices will be closed from Friday 18th April and will re-open on Tuesday 22nd April 2014

14 04, 2014

The best and worst things about getting married abroad

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Your dream wedding abroad…….Don’t get lost in translation

Your first thought is the dress, of course, and then the venue. While potential hubby is ruminating on the pros and cons of a stag do in Prague, you are mulling over the big one. Where to have it? His parents live [...]

14 04, 2014

Learning a New Language – Finding your Words

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Learning a new language is rather like being a toddler again. You may scoff… But think of the things that came out of the mouth of the last toddler you saw!

Child: “Mummy, Mummy! That woman is Po!”

Translation: “Mummy, Mummy! Look at that fat woman wearing purple!”

Toddlers find any available [...]

9 04, 2014

Social (media) etiquette

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You don’t need a background in linguistics to know that there are differences in the way people talk online to in person. However, with social media taking off big time, there is an argument that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have given people something to hide behind where [...]

4 04, 2014

Travels to the Hoek of Holland

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Part 3

The wind howled around the deck of the ship my travels to the Hoek of Holland continued and I completed a charcoal drawing of an elderly couple’s faces in a swollen, grey heart. I thumbed the final smudges onto the page and tried to stifle a sigh. Lucky [...]

4 04, 2014
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    French film review: “Le renard et l’enfant/ The Fox and the Child”

French film review: “Le renard et l’enfant/ The Fox and the Child”

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“Le renard et l’enfant/The Fox and the Child” is French film aimed at children.

Synopsis: “Le renard et l’enfant/The Child and the Fox” is a Disney France, family film depicting the timeless tale of a friendship forged between a young girl and a country fox.

The story is told from the [...]

1 04, 2014

Tattoo designs – Japanese Kanji

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The Japanese language has three alphabets or scripts. Hiragana and Katakana are Kana systems which represent one sound. Hiragana represent sounds in Japanese words while Katakana was constructed to convey sounds of English and other foreign words. Kanji symbols are the third and are a combination of Japanese pronunciation with adopted ideographic [...]

31 03, 2014
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    Paris – Tickets, Travelling, Tasting and Talking the Language

Paris – Tickets, Travelling, Tasting and Talking the Language

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It’s amazing. The advice you receive from anyone and everyone when you mention going away – especially if you’re going somewhere they’ve visited previously. It’s invaluable. I love it!

In only two weeks, I’ve amassed guide maps, discount tickets, advice on negotiating the travel system, where to buy tickets for [...]

26 03, 2014

Translating humour in games localisation

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When linguists are given the task of translating and localising material so that the original content can have a full impact in the target culture, they have many options to consider. When tackling humour, translators are faced with three viable options; retention, deletion and transcreation.

Retention entails the translator finding [...]

24 03, 2014


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I had a really interesting discussion with my cousin, who lives in America, the other day.  (Granted it was by iMessage, but it was still a real-time discussion.)  It was all about the word ‘Roof’ and its plural.

We both thought that Rooves was the correct plural, but his daughter’s [...]

23 03, 2014

Travels to the Hoek of Holland

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Part 2

The ferry to the Hoek of Holland was not as I had expected. Having indulged notions of the Hilton at sea, the reality rather let the wind out of my sales. The fluorescent Mc Donald’s lights blinking garishly and the selection of folding yellow seats bolted to the [...]

21 03, 2014

A trip abroad – Destination Paris

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The internet is brilliant, yes? You can find out everything you need to know about a topic, and even lots of things you really didn’t want to know too. This “information overload” is the reason for my post.

Planning a trip abroad can be an exciting time. Especially if it’s a [...]

17 03, 2014
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    4 reasons why website translation is the perfect gateway to exporting to foreign markets

4 reasons why website translation is the perfect gateway to exporting to foreign markets

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Our clients often ask us about the importance of translating their company’s platform into another language. Not only does this allow you to communicate your message idiomatically in the target culture but, there are also some other inherent advantages…

First, it is widely regarded that foreign markets are much [...]

5 03, 2014

The benefits of learning foreign languages through song.

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Everyone can identify with the power of song to stir up memories! Some people associate songs with a happy holiday or an epic road trip. For me, certain songs often conjure up the memory of a superb surf trip to Devon with friends that I went on 10 years [...]

5 03, 2014

Travels to the Hoek of Holland

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Part 1

So, being 17 years old and studying for your exams is undoubtedly a difficult time. There is simply no accounting for youthful logic and my travels to the Hoek of Holland were no exception to this rule.

It was still pitch black outside the window at 3.30am on a cold [...]

25 02, 2014

Holidays around the world – Mexico

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Happy “Dia de la Bandera” or Mexican flag day! The 24th February is a national holiday in Mexico and an admiration of traditional Mexican heritage. As part of the celebration, the flag is hoisted up on the “Cerro de la Bandera” (Flag Hill) in Buena Vista and a race [...]

21 02, 2014

Lost in Conversation

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We all do it without thinking about it, particularly at work, but using jargon is a very exclusive way of communicating.

The other day at work I was showing around two photographers and, at one of our photo shoot spots, we got chatting about the sort of shot we were [...]

18 02, 2014

Linguistic unity or separation – the French language in Canada and France

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Our clients have asked us to shed some light on some of the key reasons why Canada’s French and France’s French are considered as separate entities.

When Jacques Cartier planted the French flag in what is now Québec, in 1534, he expected there to be a rich history of cultural [...]

18 02, 2014

Linguistic unity or separation – the French language in Canada and France

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By Robert Conniff     

14 02, 2014

Authentic Japanese Foods – Valentine style

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Are you celebrating Valentines day? Whether you’re cooking something special for your loved one or spending the night alone to comfort eat, we’ve enlisted Izumi Anthony, local business owner of Authentic Japanese foods to give us a great Valentine’s recipe idea from her native Japan.
Hi Izumi, Thanks for taking the [...]

5 02, 2014

The great language learning debate

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Here at Veritas Language Solutions we’re disappointed to hear the news reported by the BBC yesterday that the Welsh Assembly intends to cut language learning cash by two thirds  for the National Centre for Languages (CILT) from April this year.

Recent reports state that the number of pupils applying for language degrees [...]

31 01, 2014

Machine Translation (MT): Is Google pioneering a new era for the translation industry?

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Google Inc. has acquired DeepMind Technologies Ltd in a bid to bolster Google Translate’s performance. Despite Google’s huge $17 billion investment in software and hardware development, they are not alone in the push for Machine Translation (MT).

MT is becoming increasingly prevalent in translation agencies’ workflow, with many companies incorporating [...]

24 01, 2014

Bienvenue au Veritas

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I have now joined Veritas, hailed for its success at home and abroad. It is abundantly clear that their role within the industry is not just one of providing an excellent language translation service to its customers but, it encompasses much more than this. Veritas is actively involved in [...]

14 01, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions? Or New Year’s Goals?

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It’s January.  It’s a new year.  And so it’s time for the annual ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ lists.  Thing is, I don’t like resolutions – I prefer goals.  I think the language we use makes a big difference.

RESOLUTION:  a firm decision to do (or not to do) something; the quality [...]

17 12, 2013

The Language of Christmas

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This time of the year, every year, we all hear the same words flying around, whether it is on a Christmas jumper, a Christmas card or sung through Christmas carols, we are faced with the same vocabulary. But where has the language of Christmas originated from..?


comes from the [...]