29 02, 2012

Translator of the month

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It hasn’t been a hard task for us to pick the translator who most deserves our recognition this month; we all soon agreed that there is one that has really stood out and shone this month.

And he is… Soliman Abdelmagid Hamroush!!!

Soliman has been collaborating with Veritas for [...]

28 02, 2012

Interpreting Africa: One continent, over 2000 languages.

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Do you ever wonder how many languages can be spoken in just 1 continent? Did you think that African is the language spoken in Africa? You will be surprised to find out that this is without a doubt, not the case. When organising translation or interpreting in Africa, it’s [...]

22 02, 2012

Business Translation Services: Worth the Money?

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21 02, 2012

Welsh Translation Services

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Do you ever need translation services in Welsh? If so, you may be interested in learning a little more about the Welsh culture, and what better time than in the run-up to St. David’s Day?

Every year, the Welsh celebrate St. David’s Day on March 1st. All over the [...]

20 02, 2012

Translation of legal documents: certified translations

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Nowadays, the translation of legal documents, including certified translations, is one of the most requested forms of translation, as there are plenty of situations when a certified translation might be necessary:

In the event that you are planning to move abroad, either for study or work. When applying to [...]

18 02, 2012

Weekly Blog Round-Up-2Weekly Blog Round-Up-2Weekly Blog Round-Up-2Weekly Blog Round-Up-2

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This week has been an exciting one for Veritas, as we won the regional Lloyds TSB Best Enterprise Award!


What does it take to offer a professional legal interpreting service?

Megan muses on what exactly makes a truly professional legal interpreting service.


Post-editing and document translation services.

We talk about the rising popularity [...]

17 02, 2012

About Sign Language Interpretation

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Although there is an International Sign Language, known as Gestuno, it is not commonly known within the deaf community, and is used only at international Deaf events and meetings. In reality, hundreds of different sign languages are in use around the world. But not only are there different sign [...]

16 02, 2012

Award Winners!

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15 02, 2012

The Ease of Telephone Interpreting

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Advances in communication technology have given rise to many new translation and interpreting tools, some of which are ultimately proved to be unreliable or useless. Others, however, make the translator or interpreter’s work much easier, and give clients a sense of convenience and security. Telephone interpreting is definitely [...]

14 02, 2012

Post-editing and Document Translation Services

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There has been great progress in machine translation (MT) in the past few years, and programmes such as Google Translate have rapidly developed, but it is still a very hotly contested method of providing document translation services to clients.

What is post-editing?
Post-editing describes the act of editing, or in [...]

13 02, 2012

What Does it Take to Offer a Professional Legal Interpreting Service?

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The number of horror stories we hear about legal interpreting gone wrong highlights just how important it is to make sure the provider of the legal interpreting service has specialist knowledge and experience in the field.

Do you need a legal interpreter for a court assignment, or will the job [...]

11 02, 2012

Weekly Blog Round-Up

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This week’s blog posts have focused on the practical. From advice on how to organise televised conference interpreting, to the currencies of the world, there has been a wealth of information shared. Please tell us what you think of this week’s articles!


Some Misconceptions about Technical Translations

Estrella discusses some of [...]

10 02, 2012

Financial Translations: A Guide to Global Currencies

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When producing financial translations, it is important to know what you’re talking about. Even when it comes to the basics, like global currencies – it’s vital that everything is expressed in the correct format, and uses the accepted style.

Most currencies are written using the ISO 4217 codes outlined [...]

9 02, 2012

Conference Interpreting on the Small Screen

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8 02, 2012

Website Translation Services: How to Specialise

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The World Intellectual Property Organization has reported that two-thirds of all Internet users are non-English speakers.

As a result, website translation services are growing rapidly within the industry and more and more translators are looking to specialise in this area.

But what knowledge does a translator need to be able to [...]

7 02, 2012

Medical Translation Services; Research, Accuracy and Professionalism.

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I know we say this a lot, but research and knowledge of a subject are absolutely paramount when translating specialist texts, especially when it comes to providing medical translation services. This is not just because research and background knowledge is essential in choosing the right translation (though that is [...]

6 02, 2012

Some Misconceptions about Technical Translations

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4 02, 2012

Recap of This Week’s Posts

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This week’s posts have been a varied bunch! We have talked about different aspects of translation, interpreting and the alphabet, and we hope you have enjoyed reading about them.

We love writing these posts and offering advice and information to aspiring linguists, as well as discussing common issues that can [...]

3 02, 2012

Rare Language of the Month: Dusner

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Have you ever heard of Dusner? No? Well, that’s hardly a surprise!

Dusner has only 3 native speakers left, and linguists from Oxford University have been racing to document it before it is lost. The studies being carried out were threatened by a stroke of bad luck recently, when all [...]

2 02, 2012

Language Translation: Sharing Knowledge Across Borders

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1 02, 2012

Last, and least, Z

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Unfortunately, dear reader, we have almost reached the end of our journey through the alphabet. Thank you for joining us as we delve into the history of the symbols without which we would be unable to write this.

Last, and least (used, that is), we come to the letter Z. [...]